Sifu Emin dándo cursos

Sifu Emin dándo cursos

Sifu Emin dándo cursos

Siempre es una gozada ver a Sifu Emin dando cursos, aunque no entiendas el idioma en que lo da. No hace falta, basta verle moverse y gesticular para explicar cómo se hacen las cosas. Como además es de los que hacen lo que dicen, siempre se puede ver la demostración.

Ahí van algunos vídeos de cursos.

Haciendo chi-sao con flying bong saos y giros, entrada de primera sección.

Este me ha encantado, sobre la importancia de los giros, cuando darlos y como usar las reacciones con los giros. Mirad en el minuto 2:29 sobre la distancia a la que hacer chi sao. El minuto 4:59 el bong sao después del giro y alturas. Una maravilla de detalles.



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  • Taeyen diciembre 28, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    No offense to you,but you are just a lttlie misinformed.I train Wing Chun in the lineage of Wong Sheung Leung,a very direct form of Wing Chun.Nowadays there is a MMA fever but MMA is not a martial art or self defense sistem.It is a Sport.Sports such as these do not teach you how to defend yourself,they teach you how to hit hard and take hard hits.Thats it.If real kung fu was allowed in MMA matches,apart from many Hospitalizations,there would be much shorter fights.=D Good Day.

    • David Health and Combat diciembre 28, 2012 at 6:29 pm

      Thanks for informing me. I like WSL WC, but if you think MMA (mixed MARTIAL ARTS) is just about hitting hard and taking hits you’ve NEVER trained with a good BJJ fighter or even a mediocre MMA student. Their tecnique is just as elaborate as in WC. And if your system is only based on being able to send people to the hospital with fancy WC hits (btw it aint so easy, try it), it is very poor. MMA is not self defense, but any martial art should be good enought to stand against a guy who doesn’t mind to be hit and who fights back.
      BTW: I’d take a poor MMA guy as by backup in a a self defense situation over most WC guys…and so would most. An MMA guy does not care if he fights with or without protections, if for those fancy cuckoo land WC guys it IS so important…THEY’ve got a problem of lack of confidence in their system.